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There are thousands of hotels in Paris for you to choose from, and it might feel like there are just as many hotel websites to check for prices. That's a daunting task - especially when you don't feel like you have all the time in the world, and you're afraid that by not comparing prices you're going to end up paying too much for your Paris hotel. Well, believe it or not you really can search a bunch of different websites without spending hours online.

Using the search tool you see at the top of this page, you get the convenience of just typing your travel information into one box, as well as the benefit of seeing the cost comparisons for several different websites offering hotels in Paris. That means you get to be a savvy traveler and smart consumer, but you don't have to spend all your free time doing it! Here's how our search tool works:

  1. In the left column, enter the dates you want to stay in a Paris hotel, along with how many rooms you want to reserve and how many people total will be staying.

  2. In the middle column, select which websites you want to search by checking the boxes next to the icons. You can choose as many or as few websites as you like - the more you choose, the more options you'll have when comparing costs.

  3. Click the "Search Deals" button in the right column.

  4. A new window will open for each of the websites you checked off as wanting to look at, so you can easily click between each one to compare prices, all without losing your original place on the Paris Logue website.

  5. When you find the hotel you want to book, you just continue on through the booking process for that website in its new window, and you're done!

The process is just that simple, so with one click you are getting search results for Paris hotels from several different websites. It's quick and easy, and can help you save money and time when you're planning your trip to Paris!



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